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‘My art is a reflection of cause and effect.
My motivation is to be a creator of reactions. I am a conduct to the innovative and to the emotional.
I intuitively connect to the reaction, creating and observing the fleeting and ephemeral metamorphosis.
I am the conductor, the performer, the instrumentalist, the creator of something living and dying, flourishing and fading – capturing moments of splendour for eternity.’

Derryn Tal is an Australian contemporary artist whose practice is based on alchemy & the exploration of the concept of change. Her interest lies in the discovery & the orchestration of reactions between mediums.  As well as painting & photographic mixed media, her creativity spans sculpture, rug design and jewellery. Derryn has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, New York & Italy, where she won the “Premio Ercole D’Este” award for contemporary art.  Derryn has been a finalist in the “Portia Geach Portrait Prize” numerous times, the “Paddington Art Prize”, the RAW Art Prize and the “Artbeat Art Prize”, as well as being selected for the Salon DE Refuses.