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Catherine Martin – CM in NY – 2015 Salon De Refuses

Just before Xmas, while holidaying in New York, CM invited us over to their NY pad for drinks. The house was so festive, luscious reds, flickering Xmas lights, roses, cheese & wine. I knew it was then or never, so I asked CM if we could interrupt the festivities, & have a quick ‘sitting’. Thinking quickly, I asked her which her favourite spot in the house was. She sank into her couch, probably the first time she’d sat down all day. Buddy promptly jumped up & posed too. I loved capturing the moment where Buddy demanded the centre of attention. The naturalness & spontaneity ended up being integral to the artwork. No time to decide what to wear, where to sit, comb hair….but why bother when your subject is so beautiful & down to earth.

Dinosaurs Designs – The Dinosaurs – 2015 Finalist Portia Geach Portrait Prize

Dinosaur Designs team, Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy were perfect subjects for me. They fitted into the genre of my previous portraits of designers of fashion, interiors & objects. I am inspired by creative people & love to portray that in my portraiture. The sitting for this portrait took place in their home, surrounded by amazing self-created & collected artworks & objects – & of course the dog is of utmost important to include. A sitting at the subjects’ home gives me more of an insight into their lifestyle & who they are.
My art practice involves ‘out of the box’ techniques. Creating my lines by sgraffito, whereby the paint reacts with the paper emulsion, & partially using resin to construct different height layers & varying contrasts of matt & gloss.

Akira Isogawa – 2013 Finalist Portia Geach Portrait Prize .

Akira is a world renowned  Fashion Designer, greatly influenced by his Japanese heritage.

The sitting for this portrait took place in my own home, during a photo shoot of Akira’s range of rugs for Designer Rugs. During the lunch break, I noticed the way Akira was sitting so serenely on a Japanese stool perched on one of his rug designs. I wanted to capture the moment & atmosphere in this portrait.

Robot Girl – 2012 Finalist Portia Geach Portrait Prize

Claudia Chan Shaw has been one of my dearest friends since we met at Sydney College of the Arts in 1980.

Her passion for collecting tin robots, led to her role as co-host of ABC TV’s ‘COLLECTORS’, & the publication of her book ‘COLLECTOMANIA’.

The sitting for this portrait took place in Claudia’s home. The idea for this portrait was to humanize the robots, while Claudia herself, seems to morph into her collection.